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The American Dream is a core precept of our national identity. In our divisive times, the idea that anyone can achieve a more comfortable life regardless of the socio‑economic rank, class, or station of their birth remains our most cherished shared promises and aspirations.

Nothing epitomizes that national ethos more the business owners, innovators, and social entrepreneurs starting a small business or nonprofit organization and carving out a life of their own making. However, it isn’t an easy pathway. Over 50% fail in the first five years and it takes a lot of hard work, courage, ingenuity, and determination.

At Harrison-Stein, we understand these challenges and help guide ventures through this difficult environment. A trusted partner to our clients and a valued asset to our community, we serve as outside general counsel to small businesses and nonprofit organizations in the District of Columbia.


Areas of Legal Practice

Business Formation, Incorporation, & Business Licensing

We can form, organize, and set-up a new or reorganized company — drafting and filing all necessary paperwork to get it started.

Corporate Governance, Nonprofit Management, & Board Advising

We can provide legal advice and business coaching to owners, directors, and managers of businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Bankruptcies, Trusts, and Court-Appointed Receiverships

We offer valuable expertise, guidance, and support to help clients navigate these complex legal proceedings and protect their interests.


Specialized Services

Virtual CEO / Virtual CFO

We can fill gaps in an organization’s leadership, strategy, finance, and accounting functions — instituting the appropriate checks and controls.

Outside General Counsel

We can provide cost-effective legal services for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations without an in-house legal team.

Appearance Attorney

We can file pleadings and attend court proceedings on behalf of other attorneys who are not barred in Washington DC or who cannot attend in person.


Successful Case Record

Although most of our work is done outside the courtroom, our team has earned an impressive reputation for its prominent role in impact litigation – defending student journalists’ rights to public records immediately after law school in Joey Stipek v. the University of Oklahoma (2014).

More recently, our team has successfully challenged the U.S. military’s discriminatory policies against people living with HIV in Nick Harrison v. Lloyd Austin (2022). It has also worked with some of the nation’s top class action litigation firms – attaining this three-year case record:

Coached & Advised
Case Settlements
Dollars Recovered
for Clients
Current Areas
of Legal Practice

Free Initial Consultation

Finding and hiring the right law firm is a very personal process. That is why we offer a free initial consultation – affording you with the opportunity to meet with an attorney to discuss the matter before you decide whether you want to hire us.


    Endorsements and Testimonials

    • Mr. Harrison became a newsroom leader and mentor. He modeled for younger journalists an attitude of curiosity and a habit of perseverance. He showed them how to look powerful people in the face and insist on answers. . . . I can attest that Mr. Harrison knows freedom of information laws very well and is a passionate advocate for government transparency and citizen access to the information we need to be free and self-governing. He is intelligent, fearless, passionate, and fair.

      Judy Gibbs Robinson
      Former Professor of Journalism
      University of Oklahoma
    • Mr. Harrison was always an outstanding volunteer and a loyal community servant – especially to the disenfranchised members of the community. . . . Mr. Harrison has also steadfastly continued his advocacy for people affected by HIV, including mounting his own personal challenge against the Department of Defense’s policy against HIV+ personnel receiving a commission. [He] continues to offer personal support and assistance to other similarly affected servicemembers  who are striving to make their own headways through the military’s administrative processes.

      Craig D. Reffner, Esq.
      Former HIV/AIDS Legal Resource Project Director
      Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Inc.
    • His breadth of knowledge and experience in regards to small business contracting has been a real asset to this agency and we have been truly blessed to have him as a Program Manager. Faced with the challenge of managing a $2.8 billion portfolio focused on chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive threats to identify opportunities for small businesses and non‑traditional defense contractors and ensure the agency met its small business goals, he has responded with creativity and initiative. Mr. Harrison created most of the small business policy for our agency.

      Ricky T. McGlothin
      Former Director of Small Business Programs
      Defense Threat Reduction Agency

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