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About This Case

Nick Harrison's expertise in program management and veteran affairs is showcased in his work launching the Boots to Business Program at the U.S. Small Business Administration, where he facilitated entrepreneurial training for transitioning service members, underscoring his commitment to empowering veterans in the business realm.

Nick Harrison was pivotal in the successful launch of the Boots to Business Initiative at the U.S. Small Business Administration, a program designed to provide entrepreneurial training to service members starting businesses. His efforts encompassed fostering partnerships, directing digital transformations, and orchestrating extensive fieldwork to ensure the program’s effective implementation and wide-reaching impact.


The primary challenge was to effectively launch and establish the Boots to Business Initiative, a new program aimed at providing entrepreneurial training to service members. This required navigating partnerships, developing training content, and ensuring wide accessibility and impact.


The Boots to Business Initiative was conceived to facilitate the transition of service members into the entrepreneurial world, filling a critical gap in the transition assistance program offered to veterans and active-duty service members.


1. Partnership Development

Harrison fostered crucial partnerships with the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs, enhancing the scope and reach of the transition assistance program.

2. Program Launch and Management

He successfully launched the Boots to Business Initiative, overseeing the development of its entrepreneurial training curriculum and ensuring its alignment with the needs of service members transitioning to civilian business ventures.

3. Digital Transformation and Process Improvement

Directed multiple digital transformation projects and business process improvements, liaising with 55 district offices, 150 military bases, and local small business development centers.

4. Fieldwork and Program Evaluation

Traveled extensively, over 21,364 miles for fourteen site visits across eight states, to understand on-ground operations and gather direct feedback. Organized and led focus group sessions to evaluate the program’s effectiveness and develop performance metrics.


Harrison’s leadership in the Boots to Business Initiative led to the successful delivery of the entrepreneurial course to over 6,000 participants in its inaugural year. His comprehensive approach, combining strategic partnerships, digital innovation, and hands-on fieldwork, significantly enhanced the program’s effectiveness and reach. This initiative not only empowered service members with essential entrepreneurial skills but also laid a strong foundation for their successful transition to the business world​​.

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