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Serving on a board of directors is a heavy burden. This body is charged with ultimate responsibility for the governance and oversight of the entity it is entrusted stewardship over. It makes sure a business or nonprofit organization stays within the confines of the law and pursues the interests of its stakeholders. 

Corporate Governance and Nonprofit Management. A board is empowered to hire and fire the chief executive officer, create policies and guidelines for operations, set the overall organizational vision and strategy, establish short-term and long-term goals, and institute adequate checks and controls to ensure accountability and transparency. The expert team at Harrison-Stein specializes in providing outside general counsel services to boards and they have extensive experience helping organizations address a wide range of corporate governance and risk management issues. Our firm can help with:

  • Drafting articles, bylaws, and charters as well as other operating policies and procedures 
  • Advising audit committees and conducting, conducting risk assessments, and instituting internal checks and controls 
  • Acting as an independent outside general counsel to the board of directors 
  • Conducting executive searches, drafting employment contracts, conducting performance reviews, and reviewing compensation and benefits packages 
  • Assisting with sensitive internal matters, strategic transactions, and confidential investigations managed by special committees of the board 
  • Providing crisis response, reputation management, and communications training 
  • Planning and conducting regular periodic annual meetings, officer / board elections, and community stakeholder engagements 

Corporate and Nonprofit Board Advising. A strong board of directors with active members committed to their fiduciary duties is critical to the overall success of a business or non-profit organization. Our firm can also assist with vetting and selecting board members who will focus on advancing your entity’s mission and accomplishing its future goals and objectives. We’ll guide you through the process and provide valuable resources for growing and developing your team including assistance with: 

  • Setting up a board of directors or advisory council
  • Handling board or committee member search, recruitment, and selection and advising on independence and composition issues
  • Conducting strategic planning, defining the organizational mission and purpose, and setting short-term and long-term goals and objectives
  • Facilitating organizational climate surveys, sensing sessions, and self-assessments 
  • Conducting director orientation, executive coaching and mentoring, and continuing education and training programs 

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