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Nick Harrison's expertise in government contracting and small business policy is showcased through his transformative work at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, where he effectively reformed contracting processes, enhanced industry outreach, and established pivotal small business policies..

At the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Nick Harrison was instrumental in revolutionizing the agency’s approach to small businesses and contracting processes. His leadership was pivotal in establishing the agency’s first small business policy, enhancing industry outreach, and implementing significant improvements in contracting activities, thereby facilitating better engagement with small businesses and non-traditional defense contractors.


The Defense Threat Reduction Agency was encountering challenges in effectively managing its $2.8 billion CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive) portfolio, particularly in engaging small businesses and streamlining contracting processes.


Engagement with small businesses and non-traditional defense contractors was crucial for the agency, not only for diversification but also to foster innovation and address unique needs in the CBRNE domain.


1. Strategic Planning and Policy Formulation

Harrison led the creation and authoring of the agency’s first small business policy, establishing a foundational strategy for inclusive small business engagement.

2. Performance Management and Process Enhancement

He identified deficiencies in the agency’s performance management, especially in contracting processes, and developed a comprehensive Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) for significant process improvement.

3. Industry Outreach and Alignment

Harrison ensured strategic alignment between program managers and contracting officers, streamlining communication and adopting a cohesive approach to industry engagement. He implemented a robust industry outreach strategy to effectively communicate with the small business community.

4. Digital Transformation Leadership

He spearheaded various digital transformation initiatives, enhancing small business coordination, vendor database management, and developing innovative tools for industry outreach.


Harrison’s efforts culminated in marked improvements in the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s contracting processes, opening up more opportunities for small businesses and non-traditional defense contractors. The establishment of a small business policy and the deployment of digital solutions streamlined operations and enhanced vendor relationships, effectively aligning the agency’s objectives with the capabilities and innovations of small businesses​​.

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